• Frozen Times Are Coming
  • The Coolest Way To Protect and Repair Damaged Hair
  • <br />Hair Care at -5 ◦C
  • Frozen Times Are Coming
  • The Coolest Way To Protect and Repair Damaged Hair

  • Hair Care at -5 ◦C


The platinum blond color your client always wanted with the safety they deserve

BEFORE: Protects and prepares hair for treatment. DURING: Shields hair from the harmful side effects of chemicals without affecting the final result AFTER: Restores hair capillaries damaged during the coloring or bleaching treatment.


Ecofriendly Beauty

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The products are developed in an ecologically correct manner. Replacing the raw materials of petrochemical origin for vegetable alternatives, providing higher biodegradability, and respecting the environment.

HairToxx is free of salt, paraben, mineral oil, sulfate and others harmful chemical.

How to use

Follow these easy application steps
for beautiful, silky smooth results

Before / After

Technical Info

Exclusive rejuvenating In-Salon Hair Treatment

The kits are avaliable at

Kit 140 ml/ 4.93Fl.Oz

Gentle Clarifier 80 ml/2.82Fl.Oz
Protective Masque 3x15g/ 0,53Fl.Oz
Revitalizing Serum 15 ml/ 0,53Fl.Oz

Kit 1120ml 38.6 floz

Gentle Clarifier 500ml / 16.91 Fl.Oz
Protective Masque 500g /16.08 Fl.Oz
Revitalizing Serum 120ml / 4.06 Fl.Oz
Provides up to 25 applications.

Kit 2.300ml 81.13 floz

Gentle Clarifier 1000ml / 33.83 Fl.Oz
Protective Masque 1000g / 32,1 Fl.Oz
Revitalizing Serum 300ml / 4.22 Fl.Oz
Provides up to 50 applications.

Home Care

Prolong the health of your newly rejuvenated hair with Hair.TOXX Vitality Shampoo and Masque

Vitality Shampoo

Youth-Maintaining / Bodifying Shampoo.
Our salt and paraben-free shampoo gently cleanses hair, providing softness, body and shine

Vitality Masque.

Intensive Rejuvenating Deep Treatment.
Reinforce and maintain your hair's health with intense nourishment.